Welcome to Martha 2 Mary!


In Luke 10: 38-42 we find a story depicted of two sisters, Martha and Mary. Martha was anxious, overwhelmed and distracted by all the work that needed to be done. Mary was calm, attentive to and focused on Jesus and his teachings. Martha was more practical and Mary was more spiritual.

As women we often find ourselves feeling anxious, overwhelemed and distracted by all the practical aspects of life while neglecting that which we need to sustain us, the spiritual aspect. As your life coach I can help you transition from Martha 2 Mary and achieve optimal balance in your spiritual and practical life. You'll benefit from life coaching by:

  • Deepening your spiritual walk with God
  • Developing a greater sense of awareness
  • Clarifying your vision and goals
  • Improving time management and productivity

Helping You Achieve Balance In Your Spiritual and Practical Life.

Let me help you achieve balance

Living life to the fullest starts with a focus on Jesus Christ and maintaining balance in your everyday life.  Trying to juggle all aspects of life can be challenging, but when you have a dedicated Christian Life Coach it can become reality.

I work with girls and women from all walks of life.  During our time together, we will pray, set goals, make a plan, identify barriers, and execute the plan.  As your coach I will hold you accountable, while maintaining a confidential, secure and compassionate platform for you to grow and develop into the best YOU.  Feel free to browse the website and contact me with any questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you!